Blandford Police Department

  All forms are in Adobe PDF format so you must have Adobe installed to view and print these forms. Most forms can be filled in right from Adobe, but for the forms that do not have this feature please print the form out and fill it in by hand. Please PRINT CLEARLY so that we may expedite your request.
HuntersRegistration.pdf HuntersRegistration.pdf
Size : 0.108 Kb
Type : pdf
The Hunter Registration is automatic, just fill in the form, print and mail the copies according to the directions
hunterBylaws.PDF.pdf hunterBylaws.PDF.pdf
Size : 0.023 Kb
Type : pdf
If you plan on hunting in Blandford, Print these Bylaws and keep a copy with your registration. This is required for all hunters on private or public property.
DogComplaint.pdf DogComplaint.pdf
Size : 0.021 Kb
Type : pdf
Make 3 Copies of the Dog complaint form and mail the copies to the addressees on the form. Copies should be mailed certified mail to be sure that the forms have reached their destination.
no_trespass.pdf no_trespass.pdf
Size : 151.925 Kb
Type : pdf
Make 3 copies of this COMPLETED form.  1 copy to the Blandford Police, 1 certified mail to the recipient, 1 for the issuer. Blandford Police will also forward a copy to the State Police for their records. 
ReportRequest.pdf ReportRequest.pdf
Size : 0.892 Kb
Type : pdf
If you would like a copy of a report then fill this form out and bring it IN PERSON to the station.  No reports will be mailed.
FID-LTC-ChangeAddress.pdf FID-LTC-ChangeAddress.pdf
Size : 0.026 Kb
Type : pdf
If you have moved since you have obtained an LTC or FID then fill this out and mail the copies accordingly.
LTCapplication.pdf LTCapplication.pdf
Size : 0.059 Kb
Type : pdf
The Blandford Police now use the state MIRCS sytem for firearm licensing. Everything including photo's are completed on our computer system. You may still fill this out and bring it in with you but it will be completed again using MIRCS.
Application Packet.pdf Application Packet.pdf
Size : 156.329 Kb
Type : pdf
Fill this out and follow the directions if you are seeking employment with the Blandford Police Department.
FirearmLicenseReviewPetition.pdf FirearmLicenseReviewPetition.pdf
Size : 0.071 Kb
Type : pdf
If you have been denied a LTC or FID you may fill this out and follow the directions to appeal the decision.
DriverComplaintForm.pdf DriverComplaintForm.pdf
Size : 0.02 Kb
Type : pdf
If you have witnessed a traffic violation and there is no police officer in sight you may fill this out. Keep in mind you may be called on to go to a hearing at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.