Updated 7/27/15


1 Russell Stage Road

Blandford MA 01008                 

Office Hours :

Mondays   6pm - 8pm

LTC/FID - By appointment only

Phone :

Business Line -  413-848 2020

fax - 413-848-8315

Dispatch Center - 413-442-0512

Emergency  Dial 911



The Mission of the Blandford Police Department, in partnership with the community, is to protect life and property, to understand and serve the needs of the Town's citizens, and to improve the quality of life by maintaining order, assisting in resolving problems, and apprehending criminals in a manner consistent with the law and reflective of shared community values. The Officers of the Blandford Police Department are committed to providing a high quality of service to their community. We strive to be the best at what we do because you the public, depend on us and that is a responsibility we do not take lightly.